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What is the star of your Thanksgiving meal? Mashed potatoes? Gravy? Cranberry sauce? What about chicken?  

We get that Turkey is the traditional centerpiece next to stuffing, yams, green beans, and pumpkin pie, but we have a few reasons why going with an organic Farmer Focus whole chicken can do more than shake things up a bit this Thanksgiving:  

  • Spend less time in the kitchen! With a smaller bird, the roast time can be shorter. Once the internal temperature is 165 degrees F and the juices are clear, it is ready to enjoy! Here are some whole bird recipes for inspiration.
  • Perfect for a more intimate Thanksgiving dinner. Some folks like to keep it small, or maybe there are only 2-3 people to feed; a whole bird could be a great way to serve a smaller dinner.  
  • The demand for turkey is high this year, the supply is limited, and prices are up. Those who want turkey for Thanksgiving are encouraged to shop early. If you haven’t shopped yet, or want to avoid getting a frozen turkey, grab a fresh, organic whole bird from us.  
  • Your whole bird is 100% traceable back to the farm! Enjoy the conversation starter during your meal, and use the Farm ID from our label to learn more about where your food came from. 
  • You’d be supporting fair pay for farmers who raise chickens to high standards! 

Convinced? Well, if not, think about how great it is to know where your food comes from and how your dollars support small, family farms. When you’re ready to find Farmer Focus chicken near you, use our store locator and whip up a great holiday meal! 

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