Traceable Farms

Know where your food comes from

Now more than ever, people want to know where their food comes from. They want to know how it is produced, and how to discern food claims to ensure that what they buy and consume is ethically and sustainably sourced. And increasingly, they want to know that the people behind it are being fairly compensated for their hard work.

For these reasons, we provide you with a Farm ID on every Farmer Focus package to connect you with the family farmer who raised your chicken. You can read about their family and farm and see photos of them and the land they steward.

Take a look at some of our farms here, or better yet, find a store near you to purchase a pack and look up the Farm ID yourself.

How do you come up with each Farm ID?

This process has evolved as we have grown, so some are the first four letters of the farm name, some include letters from the farmer’s first or last name, and some are a combination of both. Most importantly, they are unique, so you can see precisely where your chicken was raised.

Why are some of the farmers not pictured on their farm pages?

We have some farmers who prefer not to be photographed or have their photos online for religious or personal reasons, and we respect their privacy. We do our best to provide photos of their farms and flocks, as well as a story about them and their family, and assure you that they are indeed real folks!