Why Farmer Focus?

Humanely Raised

We believe that happy, healthy birds are worth the extra effort. From nutrition to housing to enrichments, we ensure that each farm provides exceptional living conditions for its animals.

  • Outdoor access with shade structure and vegetation
  • Indoor enrichments to encourage natural behaviors

Sustainable Future

At Farmer Focus our focus is on impacting future generations; from creating financial viability for generations of farmers to lowering our carbon footprint and minimizing our water usage, we work toward a more equitable and sustainable future for all.

  • Unique business model that increases farm profitability
  • Building a more sustainable and resilient supply chain

Traceable Farms

Every Farmer Focus product is traceable with a unique 4-letter ID, allowing you to meet the farmer behind your meal.

  • Meet the farmers committed to farming the right way
  • See their farming practices in action