Our Standards

Farming the Right Way

We Believe in Farming the Right way

By providing OUR ChickEns WIth:

  • Outdoor access year-round except during inclement weather, with pastures.
  • Access to shade, shelter, fresh air, direct sunlight, and drinking water
  • No antibiotics ever, and an environment that keeps them safe and healthy without antibiotics
  • Clean, dry bedding
  • At least eight hours of light each day, including natural light
  • Access to two or more enrichments (per 750 per square foot of indoor space), such as ramps, blinds, hay bales, forages, scattered grains, and perches
  • No more than 6 pounds of chicken per square foot of space
  • Space to roam for exercise
  • Shelter with heating in the winter and cooling in the summer

And for our Farmers:

Equitable & Sustainable Pay

Fair pay philosophy and partnership approach allow partnered farms to achieve 36% greater earnings

Full Operational Control

100% ownership of the bird back in the hands of farmers, driving farm-specific decision making

Supply Chain Partnerships

Famers benefit from Farmer Focus’s negotiating strength with hatcheries and feed suppliers

Empowerment & Collaboration

Farmers can focus more on their flocks’ needs and the environment

a day on the farm:

From the day the chicks arrive to the peak of their healthy growth, our farmers pay attention to every detail, and we create a system that allows them to focus on what is best for their farm and flocks. Chicks arrive in a warm chicken house with fresh bedding, water, enrichments, and a farmer who monitors their air quality and growth. As they develop feathers, chicks are grown enough to head to the outdoors by four weeks old.

Chickens wake up with the sun as the windows along the side of the chicken house allow for natural light to shine. Our farming partners head out every morning and open all the side doors for the chickens to head outdoors to enjoy the forage and enrichments soaking in the sun and the draft at the chicken house door, getting checked on throughout the day by their farmer.

As the day ends, the farmer will head back to the chicken house to get the chickens indoors if they haven’t started to go back in on their own to protect them from predators and, at times, the colder weather throughout the night. Chickens will sleep, rest, or stay up interacting with enrichments in their temperature-controlled environment.

This is all in a day’s work for our farming partners to farm the right way.