Halal Certified


Q: What products are Halal Certified?
A: Every Farmer Focus product is Halal Certified through ISWA, except for our Toasted Lager Half bird. The Toasted Lager Half Bird’s name prevents this product from being Halal Certified. 

Q: Why does my package of chicken not have a Halal Certified label on it?
A: We allow our retailers to choose which certifications are included on the pricing label. Some choose to include it, and some do not. 

Q: If there is no Halal Certified logo, how can I check to ensure it’s Halal Certified?
A: Look for plant processing codes P46826, P46826A, & 46826A on the white area on our package. Every Farmer Focus product produced at these facilities is Halal Certified, except the Toasted Lager Half Bird. 

Q: What type of Halal Certification do you have through ISWA?

A: We are machine slaughter certified by ISWA. This certification process requires an ISWA-certified Muslim employee to say a prayer prior to machine slaughter and certify that all processes meet Halal standards. 

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