Halal Certified


Q: What products are Halal Certified?
A: Every Farmer Focus product is Halal Certified through ISWA, except for our Toasted Lager Half bird. The Toasted Lager Half Bird’s name prevents this product from being Halal Certified. 

Q: Why does my package of chicken not have a Halal Certified label on it?
A: We allow our retailers to choose which certifications are included on the pricing label. Some choose to include it, and some do not. 

Q: If there is no Halal Certified logo, how can I check to ensure it’s Halal Certified?
A: Look for plant processing codes P46826, P46826A, & 46826A on the white area on our package. Every Farmer Focus product produced at these facilities is Halal Certified, except the Toasted Lager Half Bird. 

Q: What type of Halal Certification do you have through ISWA?

A: We are machine slaughter certified by ISWA. We rely on ISWA as our 3rd-party certifier to ensure that we follow the guidelines and values associated with halal certification standards for machine slaughter. An adult Muslim blesses the flock in the name of Allah, and we are provided paperwork daily to ensure this happens. Proper slaughter techniques are followed to ensure little pain and rids the body of blood before further processing is conducted. We have an individual who stands to watch and ensure all animals are slaughtered correctly. We undergo audits to maintain our Halal certification, which is renewed annually.

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