3 Whole Chicken Recipes Ready for You To Try At Home

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Whole Chickens are so in right now. If are in need of chicken breast, thighs, drumsticks, or more for meals this week, then getting a whole chicken can be an easy way to get everything you need with one purchase. We are bringing you three of our favorite whole chicken recipes, so you can be prepared to make lunch, dinner, and/or leftovers exciting!

If you know exactly how you want to season your chicken or pack leftovers, we will leave this quick cooking recommendation for baking and grilling a whole chicken right here. If you need some cooking inspiration, keep reading!


Don’t let this independent list of simple veggies and seasonings fool you. Yes, it is simple to prepare and bake, but the flavors are beyond simple! Something about garlic, thyme, and lemon compliments the crispiness accomplished with Chef Michael Symon’s recipe. He is a chef, but he is also a human being who learned how to cook and created an easy recipe for you so that you can cook and enjoy this at home yourself!


There is something so light and seasonal about chicken salad. This is a great “pack you lunch” option for any work day with crisp fruits and vegetables making you feel fresh. Lisa Leake knew what she was doing when she created this recipe!

…And by all means, enjoy this on your days off too!


All you need to hear for this one is “honey butter”. This Garlic Grilled Chicken from Brooklyn Supper brings garlic and honey front and center on the grill… right next to the chicken of course. Check out the recipe here and channel your inner grill master for this one.


Depending on the size and appetites of our household, a whole chicken can provide enough meat for 2-3 meals! It can be hard to think through the best way to cut a whole chicken, and maybe we choose to cut it AFTER we cook it.

In this video, Breaking Down A Whole Chicken, we go over where to start and where to cut, so getting all parts of the whole bird before cooking can be less complicated.

If you are still looking for more, visit our recipe page here for more cooking inspiration.

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