The Dean Family

About the farmer…

Coby and Callie Dean, owners of Nash Hill Farm, decided to try raising chickens after gaining experience on a relative’s farm. Coby primarily handles the chicken side of the business, and Callie runs the finances in addition to helping care for the birds. Sons Declan and Dawson help too, learning the ropes alongside Mom and Dad, earning popsicles for their efforts. Their youngest son Langston likes to sneak tractor and 4-wheeler rides when he can. The Deans chose to grow for Farmer Focus due to the “helpful, supportive, and family-oriented” culture. 

Chickens waddle down their wooden ramps into soft grass shaded by the wooded land overlooking Nash Hollow along the North Fork of the Shenandoah River. Coby is now a full-time farmer, and outside the farm, Callie works as the Program Director for a local daycare. When time allows, this busy young family loves to spend time playing with their two dogs, Bella and Charlee, and during the fall and winter months, escape to the woods on hunting excursions. 

Ask A Farmer

If you weren't a farmer, what would you be?

I used to be an electrician and my wife is currently a program director at a daycare/preschool.

who did you learn the most about farming from?

Chickens: my farm service tech Pete & Dave from Farmer Focus. Everything else, my uncle.

What do you enjoy the most about farming?

Having the freedom to be outside and “working” doing something I love.

Describe your favorite time of day on the farm.

Morning. Cool, crisp breeze, dew on the grass, sun coming up, quiet, peaceful

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