Peyton & Ally

About the farmer…

If you drive along the North Fork of the Shenandoah River toward West Virginia, you’ll pass one gorgeous and fertile farm after another. That’s where you’ll find Peyton Fravel’s farm. Owned and operated by a young entrepreneurial couple, the farm sits against a dense backdrop of stately hardwoods, and along with a list of dogs that reads like Santa’s reindeer (On Roxie, on Sage, on Frosty and Rose, now Lefty, now Poncho…), they raise chickens, beef cattle, corn, and hay.

While Peyton runs the day-to-day of caring for the chickens and cattle, Ally helps with the evening walk-throughs after she gets off work. From the arrival of the first chick to seeing months of hard work paying off in a healthy and happy flock, Peyton appreciates the sustainability Farmer Focus has brought to his business. Having learned the trade from his grandfather, Peyton wants to be sure his farm is around for generations.

Ask A Farmer

If you weren't a farmer, what would you be?

I attended auctioneer school so I would probably be a livestock auctioneer.

What's your favorite time of day on the farm?

First thing in the morning when the sun is coming up makes for a good start to every day.

What is something you are proud of?

Owning a farm at a young age (19 years-old)

Who did you learn the most about farming from?

My Grandpa.

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