The Daugherty Family

About the farmer…

As the sun crests the breathtaking mountains surrounding Pleasant Hill Poultry Farm in Rio, WV, one can almost hear all three generations of the Daugherty family gearing up for a busy day. Lyle and Brenda Daugherty purchased the farm from Brenda’s father back in the 1980’s. Son and daughter Jason and Holly, who helped on the farm as kids, are now partners in the family business. With that kind of experience, anyone in the family can handle any task on the farm, and that’s exactly what they do, be it feeding and watering the birds, cleaning out the four chicken houses, or monitoring the birds’ health and happiness. When a new flock of chicks arrives, the whole family lends a hand.

The Daughertys say they “feel blessed” to grow for Farmer Focus and feel proud of what they produce. This level of control allows the Daugherty family to be more independent farmers and raise chicken the way that works best for their farm. Because farming is, for this family, a 24/7 job, they stick together during their downtime, too — camping together or hosting lively family gatherings.

Ask A Farmer

Jason and Holly, what generation farmer are?


If you weren't a farmer, what would you be, Jason?

I used to be a WV State Trooper, so probably that.

What other livestock do you have on your farm?


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