Corwin Heatwole

About the farmer…

Some mornings, fog drapes the mountains in solitude while the mourning dove’s song is all that can be heard. Until Corwin and Amy Heatwole, their three kids Sierra, Aleah, and Colton, and their two dogs Suki and Thor, burst energetically from the house, ready for another busy day on Regeneration Cycle Farm. 

The Heatwoles started this farm, located in historic New Market, Virginia, in the spring of 2021, but the story of this farming family goes back 6 generations. Corwin is the Founding Farmer and Chairman of Farmer Focus. His passion for generational farming and sustainability drove him to start Farmer Focus back in 2014, after witnessing the toll conventional farming took on his family and his flocks. Corwin’s goal with this newest endeavor is to create a farm that uses sustainable and regenerative farming methods to improve animal welfare while increasing efficiency.

When the time comes for Corwin and Amy to hand down their farm, they will do so knowing they’ve innovated and utilized the best strategies to ensure the farm is profitable, humane, and healthy. Today, their oldest daughter Sierra manages the farm, and if she has it her way, she’ll be taking over any day now.

Ask A Farmer

What Generation Farmer Are You?


What other crops or livestock do you have on the farm?

Miscanthus grass

How did your farm get its name?

I started this “farm of the future” with the goal of learning all I can about ways to make poultry farming as sustainable as possible, so I chose a name to reflect those practices.

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