Ronnie & Cassy Miller

If you’ve ever imagined the most beautiful mountain view, you would no doubt conjure Big Ridge Farms. Perched squarely atop a grassy ridge, Ronnie Miller’s farm overlooks the breathtaking Potomac Highlands region of West Virginia. This sesquicentennial farm – that’s 150 years – has raised chickens since 1936. He took over the farm from his uncle in 1985, and today he and his daughter Cassy run the whole operation. Although farming is hard work, Ronnie finds it noble and rewarding. He loves getting new chicks and getting them settled on the farm with the help of friends and family, and the addition of baby calves each spring lifts everyone’s spirits. 

Ronnie’s happy he made the switch to Farmer Focus, and so are his chickens. Not only does he feel more in control of the business his family created generations ago, but he’s proud of the healthy, organically produced chicken he provides Farmer Focus customers. When not tending to the needs of the farm, he serves on several boards of directors in the community and loves visiting his grandson Preston and hunting elk and deer.

Ask A Farmer

How long has the farm been in your family?

Over 150 years!

What is your farm dog’s name?

Pepper & Shooter

What other animals are on your farm?

Beef Cattle

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