EDDIE & RUBY Showalter

About the farmer…

Welcome to Hidden Hollow Poultry, where dreams, family, and a love for all things chicken take center stage. Eddie and Ruby Showalter, the heartwarming couple behind this farm, have their hands full with four wonderful kids (plus, their feline friend, Columbus, who keeps a watchful eye over the farm). 

Their journey into poultry farming and their partnership with Farmer Focus has brought them not only ownership but also the freedom to manage their farm as they see fit. Their commitment to bettering their chickens is evident in their belief that Farmer Focus produces an exceptional product, and they are thrilled to be a part of it. 

When asked about the lessons they’ve learned and advice for new farmers, Eddie and Ruby offer sage wisdom. Farming, they say, is challenging but rewarding. They encourage fellow farmers to pursue their dreams, work hard, and maintain a proper, healthy balance between life, relationships, and work. Hidden Hollow Poultry is a testament to the beauty of family farming, where love, dedication, and balance are what truly matter. 

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