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Thank you for your interest in Farmer Focus, our employees, and farmer partners. Our teams’ safety and welfare is our number one priority.  We are blessed to support over 500 families in the Shenandoah Valley working as production employees and farmers and are committed to keeping those families safe and providing stable employment in Harrisonburg.

In early February, Farmer Focus drafted a Covid-19 Response Plan and created a Task Force that has:

  • Proactively and continually purchased Personal Protective Equipment and other critical equipment to protect our employees (including face coverings, hand and surface sanitizers)
  • Increased food safety and sanitation measures as well as hygiene education in our offices and plant according to CDC guidance
  • Conducted weekly meetings to plan for potential impact on employees, farmers, partners and our business 
  • Educated employees on CDC guidance for virus symptoms, hygiene and social distancing 
  • Promoted social distancing by prohibiting all non-essential visitors to our facility, prohibiting business travel and enforcing a work from home policy for employees 
  • Limited interaction with our farmers to one farm per day and cancelled all non-essential visits

To keep our team safe every day, we are:

  • Conducting health screenings where temperatures of each of our employees and visitors are taken before entering the facility in a climate-controlled enclosure
  • Providing face coverings to lower the risk of transmitting the virus when employees talk, cough, or sneeze
  • Practicing social distancing in all production and break areas, changes have been made in every department with special focus on employees working across or next to one another 
  • Creating barriers to protect employees during production and break times

To support our essential workers and thank them for their commitment, we are:

  • Implementing financial and food bonuses to support and thank our team for their commitment throughout April & May
  • Proactively increasing hiring initiatives and referral / new hire bonuses as demand for our organic chicken increases
  • Collecting and Sharing “Thank yous” for our extended team at

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