The Turner Family

About the farmer…

The Hawksbill Creek ambles along beside the beautiful acreage of the Turner Brothers Farm, where Joey and Charlie raise chickens. For these brothers, farming has been their family’s tradition for generations. Joey and Charlie’s dad started his farm in 1979, and their uncles even before that. Joey and his wife Lora now have 5 chicken houses and a litter business, while Charlie and Dawn have 4 houses and “I’m not sure how many, to be honest” cattle, but it’s around 200 head.  

Joey and Charlie make an efficient team, taking turns checking on the chickens throughout the day, starting first thing in the morning, then at noon, 4pm, and 9pm. When the brothers aren’t tending to the chickens, they’re likely baling hay. The brothers like growing for Farmer Focus and appreciate the extra room the chickens have to roam around. They find it results in happier and healthier birds.  

The Turners have always been a close-knit bunch, but as the years roll on, the brothers have found themselves cherishing family time more and more. Whenever a speck of free time presents itself, the Turners try to connect with each other. 

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