The Millers

Clay and Cynthia Miller started Hidden Hollow Farm right next to Clay’s parent’s farm, Turley Creek.

Now Clay, Cynthia, and their children, Reagan and Josiah, run the day-to-day of both farms, with guidance from Pam and Dennis. These generational farmers enjoy a gorgeous landscape adjacent to the Shenandoah River. Daily tasks for this busy family include walking the chickens, completing paperwork, preparing meals for hungry toddlers, and keeping up with chores, maintenance, and repairs. On any given day you might see little Josiah and Reagan ambling up the gravel path alongside the family’s blue heelers, Dan and Ann, or greeting the new peeps they get from Longenecker Hatchery.

The Millers enjoy a bountiful life outside of chicken farming, too. They love to garden and to bottle-feed their calves and lambs. They attend fairs where they often show sheep, participate in frequent church events, and love to be outdoors as a family.

Clay and Cynthia love Farmer Focus because they want to grow healthier chickens and feel proud of their work. All their chicks arrive in good health, and being able to raise fewer birds according to organic standards creates a “better growing environment.” As you can see from the photographs, their chickens thrive on this peaceful patch of land in Rockingham County.

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