Kline Acres Farm

Bob & Becky Kline

Standing on the hill at Kline Acre Farms that overlooks greater Broadway, Virginia, you get a sense of the 60-year history of this multi-generational farm. Bob Kline’s parents brought the land and started farming in 1961, and Bob and his wife, Becky, took it over in 1988. 

Now, with more than 40 years of farming behind them, they raise birds for Farmer Focus as well as 150 head of cattle, which they feed from their own land. Although they acknowledge the stress and hard work that comes with farm life, it’s being outside and around animals that keeps Bob and Becky in it. They experience all sorts of wildlife and each day brings something new.

If they were to advise a young, new farmer, they’d say, “Be patient; times will range from rough to rewarding,” to hang in there through the peaks and valleys of farming. And most of all, to “enjoy what you’re doing.” That seems to be the recipe for a rich and fulfilling life. In their spare time, the family loves to hunt, explore the woods, and travel to Pigeon Forge together.

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