Aaron Layman

About the farmer…

Super dad and farmer Aaron Layman is the friendly face behind Layman Farm. A place where family, fun, and chicken care are the name of the game. With three energetic kids (Jaclyn, Brantley, and little Holland) along with two four-legged pals (Cowboy and Lemon) the Layman household is a hub of activity and laughter. 

Aaron’s choice to team up with Farmer Focus isn’t just about farming; it’s also about bonding with his children. He’s discovered that hard work and determination are the secret ingredients to a successful farm. He takes joy in nurturing his chickens and watching them grow. When he’s not tending to the chicken houses, he’s busy creating wonderful memories with his kids and supporting their various interests. Aaron Layman is the perfect picture of family farming, where love, dedication, and clucking good times are always on the menu. 

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