Linda Lowry

About the farmer…

Surrounded on three sides by the refreshing waters of the Shenandoah, River’s Edge Poultry in Stanley, Virginia, will take your breath away. Farm matriarch Linda Lowry, along with her 4 daughters (and their 10 pets!), handles each busy day on this 3rd generation farm and savors the serenity of a quiet evening afterward. The Lowry family understands that organic, humane, and sustainable practices are interconnected and equally important. As Linda says, “We all need to be more conscious about the world around us and the animals that interact with us. We need to take care of our world so it will be here for generations to come.”

Linda seems to be drawn to the idea of connections – she loves to watch things grow and interact with each other on her property, and she often supports her church’s fundraisers, which benefit local and global organizations. Linda loves her partnership with Farmer Focus because of their emphasis on family and relationships.

Ask A Farmer

How did your farm get its name?

It is surrounded by the river on 3 sides!

If you weren't a farmer, what would you be?


Who did you learn the most about farming from?

My father-in-law.

What has been your proudest moment as a farmer?

Watch things grow and do well. Seeing my children have the same interest.

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