Brett Fansler

On a misty morning, the Brushy Run Farm rises green and lush from the West Virginia mountains. Farmer Brett Fansler comes from a true farming dynasty. He grew up helping out on his family’s poultry and cattle farm in Mathias, WV and bought his first couple of cows before he was even a teenager. At age 13, he secured a USDA youth loan to increase his herd. After years of first-hand farming experience and helping to take care of his parents’ chickens at Hillcrest Farm, he realized that raising organic poultry was a great opportunity. Today, Brett owns his own farm in Mathias a few miles away from his parents’ farm. He and his father Mark continue to work together.

Brett likes that his birds are able to “roam outside in the fresh air and eat good quality feed.” He appreciates that Farmer Focus gave him the opportunity to grow for them, even though his house is older with curtain ventilation. Brett explains, “As a grower, I have control of my farm, but with the support in place to raise a happy, healthy bird.”

When he’s not tending to the chickens, planting corn, making hay, chopping silage or feeding and checking on the cattle, Brett, a diesel enthusiast, enjoys truck shows and tractor pulls.

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