Need a fun art project to do on a rainy day? Check out these Farmer Focus activity sheets!

These coloring pages feature a few of our fun-loving farm pups. Click the image to download, and enter the Farm ID from the coloring page on our website to learn more about the farm where each dog lives.

The simple coloring pages below can be used in many ways!

You can color these adventurous chickens, or you can:

  • Complete the Picture – Show where the chickens are by drawing the environment around them. Be creative! Where might they be that you wouldn’t expect?
  • Crazy Quilt – Instead of coloring in sections of the picture, fill them with different patterns and textures using lines and shapes. 
  • 3-D Shading – Using a pencil, colored pencils, or a fine point marker to add shading to make the chickens look more realistic!

Click the image to download!

Use these worksheets below to practice your drawing skills with the grid method!
Draw the lines and shapes in the blank grid to match the lines and shapes
you see in the finished drawing next to it.

Click the image to download!


Click on your favorite photo to download and use as a high-res desktop wallpaper or as an idyllic background for your next video chat!